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A Happy Easter to celebrate with family with our GiftBoxes, original gifts with sweets and typical suggestions 




Easter GiftBoxes

Easter is almost here, and it is a moment of peace and love with great religious meaning. 

it's part of the Portuguese tradition offering gifts, not only to our Godparents or our Godchildren, but also to the rest of our Family and Friends, offering an Easter GiftBox is a gesture of gratitude, friendship, and affection to the ones who are close to us.

With that in mind, we've created a set of Easter GiftBoxes with Portuguese regional and traditional flavours, without forgetting the typical Easter Chocolate Eggs and Almonds.


Delight Yourself and Happy Easter!

Did You Know...

The day for celebrating Easter was fixed on the year 325 b.C. It was established that it should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of Spring bu, it cannot be before 22nd March or after 25th April.

It is celebrated by Jewish and Christians, but it has different meanings. In the Jewish Religion it is celebrated the release of the people of Israel from Egypt, crossing the Red Sea meanwhile, in the Christian Religion it is celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Among Christians, the week before Easter is the Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, that marks Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem. In Portugal, it is traditional to make processions on this time, with several types happening throughout the country.

It is also tradition to offer gifts to Godchildren. The Godparents usually offer the typical "Easter Almonds", the Godchildren, in turn, should offer on the Palm Sunday an Olive Branch to the Godfathers and a Violets Branch to the Godmothers. This tradition can be extended to other family members and friends.




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