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About Us

About Us

2021 is the year of change in our concept. Along with the sale of Portuguese regional products, we now bet on varied gift sets, suitable for any occasion. We believe that there's always a special gift for whom is special. In our wide range of GiftBoxes, you will certainly find the ideal gift. Besides food products we help promote other products from national brands such as handicrafts, fashion, or cosmetics.

Allied to the sale of GiftBoxes, Lamiré Gourmet continues to sale Portuguese regional products that use traditional production methods, such as Olive Oil, Cheeses, Jams, Tinned Food, Sausages, Hams, Wines, and Spirits, either online or in retail, in the hotel, tourism, and catering service, which seek excellence in the quality of the best that Portugal has to offer.

Missão, Visão, Valores


Our mission is to market and make accessible, excellent, handmade, and traditional food products, of superior quality, to the retail market, hotels, restaurants, and other companies. We intend to use all the tools to reach an increasingly global market, ensuring customer satisfaction, contributing to the growth of small producers, and respecting the conditions of the supply and marketing contract that may be established between the parties. 


We want to make the handmade and regional products of quality available to all and be a reference brand in the market and the client's final decision.


- Satisfaction of the Client: Commercialization of high-quality products, ensuring the best price/quality relationship.

- Ethics and Integrity: Guarantee to the client products in excellent conditions of fabric, packaging, and an excellent state of conservation. 

- Respect: To the producers, by following the rules of the commercialization contract of their products.

- Economical and Social Sustainability: To be equally focused on results to ensure all the financial commitments to partners, employees, and tax authorities. 

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