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This privacy policy describes the personal data/information that is collected, used, shared, or generated (processed) when you use the LAMIRÉ GOURMET Websites and Apps. It also explains how your personal data is used, shared, and protected, what are choices are given regarding your personal data and how you can contact us.

When we talk about ‘Personal Information’ in here, we are including Device Information and Order/Purchase Information.

WHO is Responsible for the Treatment of your Personal Data?

LAMIRÉ GOURMET is responsible for the treatment of your data, and it will depend on how you interact with its websites and apps and where you are located. In this privacy policy, LAMIRÉ GOURMET will be referenced as «our(s)» and «us».

WHICH personal data we collect and WHEN 

To provide you the requested products and services, we ask you for certain personal data.

For example, when you visit the website, purchase something, contact our customer services, require the reception of communication, create an account, take part in one of our events or contests, or utilize our Websites or Apps, we automatically receive certain information about your device, including information about your browser, IP address, time zone and some cookies that are installed on your device.  In addition, as you browse the website, we receive information about the individual web pages or products you view, Website (third-party website), or search terms that referred you to the website and information about how you interact with the website. We refer to this automatically received information as Device Information.

This includes your:

  • Contact coordinates, including name, email address, phone number, delivery, and billing address

  • Login and account information, including username, password, and exclusive ID of the user

  • Personal information, including gender, birthplace, birthday, and purchase history

  • Information about payments or credit card

  • Images, photography, and videos

  • Personal preference including wish list, and preferences regarding marketing and cookies

  • Cookies, IP address, reference headers, data that identifies your navigator and version, web beacons, and tags web

  • We receive this information with the use of the following technologies:

-Cookies-Data files that are put on your device or computer and include an exclusive anonymous identifier (For more information about cookies and how to deactivate cookies, see the website

-Log files- It tracks down the actions that happen on the website e receive dates, including ID address, type of navigator, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and date/time records

-Web Beacons, Tags, and Pixels-Electronic files used to register information about how we navigate the website.


The website is not intended for underage users/visitants.

We comply with the local laws and do not allow children to sign up on our website or apps when they are under the legal age in their country.

We ask for parental consent for children to take part in LAMIRÉ GOURMET experiences or events.

TOOLS to Manage the Personal Data We've Collected

By using our Apps and Websites, we also effectuate in-time notifications or obtain consent to certain practices. For example, we will obtain consent to use your location or send push notifications. We can obtain this consent through Apps or Websites or using the available standard permissions on your device.

In many cases, the web navigator or the mobile device will supply additional tools to allow you can control when your device collects or shares specific categories of data. For example, your mobile device or web navigator will be able to supply tools that allow you to manage cookie utilization and location share. We encourage you to get familiar with and use the available tools on your device.

WHY and How We Use Your Personal Data

We use your data in the following ways:

  • To Provide the Websites, Apps and Services Features You Requested 

By using our websites and apps, we will use your data to supply the requested product or service. For example, if you purchase or if you take part in an event or promotion, we will use the contact information supplied to contact you about the purchase, event, or promotion. If you contact our customer service, we will use information about you, such as delivery and payment information, or about the product acquired to help you resolve one question or problem.

  • To Communicate Information on our Products, Services, Events or for other Promotional Purposes.

When consented, we will send you marketing communication and news about LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s products, services, events, and other promotion. After having given your consent, you may object to this submission at any time.

If you are already a LAMIRÉ GOURMET client (for example, you have made a request or purchase with us), we can use the contact coordinates given by you to send you marketing communication about similar LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s products or services, when allowed by the applied law (except in the case you have opposed to this option). In other cases, we ask for your consent to send you marketing information. We can use information you have given, as well as LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s other products or services information- like the use of LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s website and apps, your visit or purchase made at LAMIRÉ GOURMET and your participation in LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s events or contest- to customize information about products or services that may be interesting to you.

. To Operate, Improve and Maintain our Business, Products, and Services

Using the data that you have given to operate our business. For example, when you effectuate a purchase, we use that information for accounting, auditing, and other internal functions’ purposes. We can use your data about how you use our service and products to improve your experience as a user e to help us diagnose technical and service problems and administrate our Websites and Apps.

. To Protect Our and Third-Party Rights, Propriety, or Safety

We can also use your data on the way you use our websites and apps, to anticipate or detect frauds, abuses, illegal use, violation of our Terms of Utilization, and to fulfil court orders, governmental requests, or applicable laws.

We use the device information we receive to help us identify risks and frauds (particularly, your IP address) and to improve and optimize our Website (for example, generating analyses on how our clients navigate and interact with websites and evaluate the success of our marketing and publicity campaigns). 

To General Research and Analysis Purposes

We use data on how our visitants utilize our websites, apps, and services to comprehend the client's behaviour and preferences. For example, we can use the information on how LAMIRÉ GOURMET visitants search and find products, to comprehend which is the best way to organize and present product offers in our store.

. Other Purposes

We also can use the data for other purposes and obtain your consent, using a specific warning in the collection time.

. Legal Basis

To treat your data, we rely on legal bases, depending on how you interact with our Websites or Apps.

  • When you buy LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s products on our websites our apps, we will need your data to fulfil our contract. For example, we require payment details, your contact coordinates to deliver your order.

  • When you use our apps, we rely on your consent to treatment, for some restricted purposes, to fulfil our contract (for example, to purchases in App)

  • We also rely on other legal bases, such as legitimate business interests, to fulfil a legal obligation or to protect our vital interests

SHARE Your Personal Data


LAMIRÉ GOURMET shares your personal data with:

  • LAMIRÉ GOURMET entities with the purpose and conditions described above

  • Third-party that supply services, which treat data in the representation of LAMIRÉ GOURMET, for example, to process credit cards and payments, shipments, and deliveries, to store, manage, and provide our data, distribute e-mails, search, and analyze, brand management and promotion of the products such as administrate certain services and purposes. By using them, we celebrate contracts that demand the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

  • Other third-party, as they are needed to: (i) fulfil a request made by the governmental authorities, a judicial order, or applicable law, (ii) to prevent the illegal use of our website or apps, or any violation of its Terms of Utilization and our privacy politics, (iii) to defend us against any third parties claims, and (iv) to help in the prevention or investigation of fraud (for example, the wine counterfeit);

  • Any third-party when you have given us your consent.

We also can transfer your data in the case of a sale, total transmission, or part of our business or assets (including the case of reorganization, split, dissolution, or liquidation)


. Your Share

When you use certain social features on our websites and apps, you can create a public profile that can include information, such as username, profile photo, and your birthplace. You can also share content with your friends, and the public, including information about your activity with LAMIRÉ GOURMET. We encourage you to use all the available tools of social share management so that you can control the information shares through LAMIRÉ GOURMET social resources.



. Encryption and Security

We use a variety of technical and organizational safety measures, including encryption and authentication tools, to maintain your data safe.

. International Transmition of Your Personal Data

We share your personal information with third-party to help us use your information, as it was mentioned above. For example, the use of the platform to manage the online store and the use of the platform Stripe to manage payments and credit/debit cards (To learn more click here) (For more information check:

We also use Google Analytics to help us to know how our clients use the website (You can read more on how Google uses your data here: (You can also deactivate Google Analytics here:

The personal data we collect (or process) in our Website and App context will be stored in the USA, Canada, and other countries out of UE.  Some receivers with which LAMIRÉ GOURMET shares your data might be from other countries. The laws in these countries may not provide the same level of data protection compared to the ones in your country. However, when we transfer your data to other countries, including the USA, we protect those data as described in this privacy politics and following the applicable legislation.

We take measures to comply with the applicable legal requirements to transfer data in countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area), or Switzerland. To ensure that your data receives the right protection, we follow the protection of data norms. This includes a signature of EU Data-Type Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, verification that the receiver has adopted Binding Corporate Rules or adhered to the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shields.

. Conservation of Your Personal Data

Your data will be conserved for the necessary period to fulfil the established purposes in these privacy politics (unless the applicable law demands a larger period). In general, this means that we conserve your data for the time you use your LAMIRÉ GOURMET account. In what respects data concerning purchases of products, we conserve the data for a larger period to fulfil the legal obligations (such as tax laws and sale laws, and for guarantee purposes).

Y​OUR RIGHTS Regarding Your Personal Data

If you are a European citizen, you have the right to access personnel information we keep about you and to solicit corrections, updates on them or to exclude them. If you want to exercise this right, contact us through our page:

You have the right to solicit: (i)access to your data, (ii) electronic copy of your data, (iii) to correct your data in case they are incomplete or wrong, or (iv) to delete or limit their treatment in certain circumstances established by the applicable law. These rights are not absolute. In cases, we obtain your consent to treat your data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time,

If you solicit a copy of your data or exercise any of the remaining rights, we ask to contact us using:  

Objection to Direct Marketing

If you have an account on LAMIRÉ GOURMET, you can object to receive LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s marketing communication, by changing your preferences in the section “View or Modify my Profile” on our website. You can also change your subscriptions, by clicking the link «Unsubscribe», or following the instructions on the message. Alternatively, you can contact us at:

COOKIES and Pixel Tags

LAMIRÉ GOURMET collects information, that may contain data about your internet navigator when using our websites. We use a variety of methods, such as Cookies and Pixel tags, to collect information. That  includes information about (i) IP address, (ii) cookies unique identifier, cookies information, and information on whether your device has software to access certain features, (iii) device unique identifier and type of device, (iv) domain, and type of navigator and idiom, (v) operative system and system configuration, (vi) country and time zone, (vii) Websites you have previously seen, (viii) information about the interaction in our websites, such as clicks behaviour, purchases and indicated preferences, (ix) access time e reference URLs.

Third parties may also collect information through cookies, third-party’s plug-ins, and widgets. They collect it directly from your browser, and the treatment of it is subject to their privacy politics.

Cookies and pixel tags are used for tracking our clients’ website utilization and comprehend our clients’ preferences. This allows us to provide our client’s services and improve their online experience. We also use them to obtain aggregate data on our website traffic and interaction, to identify trends, and obtain statics, so we improve them. Usually, there are three forms of cookies on our website:

  • Functional: Since they are necessary for basic Website purposes, they are always active. They remember you if you want to explore the website in one session or session by session. They allow the process of a shopping cart, and payment box, as well as assist in security questions, regarding the applicable rules.

  • Performance: These cookies allow us to improve the Website purposes by monitoring its use. In some cases, they can improve the speed with which your requests is processed and allow us to remember your preferences. If you refuse them, your recommendations may be less personalized and the performance of the website may be slower.

  • Media and Advertising: As described above, we use your data to supply publicity of your interest. To obtain more information, visit the educational page of network Advertising Initiative (NAI)in http:/ You can, if you wish, deactivate social media publicly by clicking the following links: Facebook:, Google: Besides this, you can deactivate some services by visiting the deactivation portal of  Digital Advertising Alliance in:

  • Social Media Cookies, allow you to connect to your social media and share the website’s content on them. Advertising (or third parties) cookies collect information to help to improve advertising related to your preference, both on and off websites. In some cases, these cookies implicate your data treatment. If you deny this cookie, you might view irrelevant to you or might not be able to connect properly to social media and/or share content on them. We can always change your preference on the option “Cookies Definition” located at the bottom of all our websites.

We recommend that you install a proper plug-in on your laptop if you want a more updated and comprehensible resume on how third parties can have access to your navigator (either through our website or in other ways). You can also choose to get a warning from your computer every time a cookie is sent, or you can deactivate them. We can do this through your navigator or in each navigator and device’s definitions you use. Keep in mind that each navigator is different from the other, so check your navigator before doing this. You can use the help menu to learn the proper way to change your cookies. If you deactivate cookies, you might lose access to several functions that make the websites and apps more efficient, and some services may not work properly.

USE of LAMIRÉ GOURMET Website with Third-Party Products and Services

Our websites and apps allow you to integrate third-party devices and digital services. For example, our websites and apps can take part in third parties for activity monitoring, social media, video streaming devices, and other digital services.

If you choose to connect your LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s account to a third-party’s device or account your privacy rights will be regulated by their politics. For example, if you choose to share your LAMIRÉ GOURMET’s activity in a third party’s media platform, their politics regulate your data.

Our websites and apps can give you third parties’ websites and apps for your convenience and information. They have their warning and privacy politics, so we encourage you to read them. Since they are not owned and controlled by us, we are not responsible for their content, any use of them, or their privacy practices.

CHANGES to Our Privacy Policy

The applicable law and our practices change over time, if we decide to update our privacy policy, the changes made will be posted on our websites and apps. If we change materially the way we treat your data, we will previously warn you, or when, legally demanded, we will ask previously for your consent, for its implementation. We hardly recommend you read our privacy policy and to keep yourself informed about our practices. The last change happened in February 2020. 


QUESTIONS and Feedback

We accept questions, opinions, claims, or commentaries about our privacy policy, privacy practices, and utilization terms.

If you want to give us feedback or if you have questions, opinions, claims, or commentaries, or wish to exercise your data related rights, contact us through +351914341935 or

You can also email or click here.

If you contact us with a privacy-related claim, it will be evaluated so that we can resolve the problem briefly and efficiently. You can also claim to the relevant supervisory of your country.


* Your privacy matters to us. The collection and treatment of your data were designed to be in concordance with Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016, on the protection of singular individuals regarding the personal data treatment and the free movement of them and repealing Directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation).

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