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On Father's Day, we want to help you find the ideal gift to offer him on that day.

"Ter um Pai! É ter na vida
Uma luz por entre escolhos;
É ter dois olhos no mundo
Que vêem pelos nossos olhos!"

de Florbela Espanca


The ideal gift for Father's Day

Our GiftBoxes are the ideal gift to offer at Father's Day.

Original gifts with selected products, from brands which are 100% Portuguese, to surprise the best father in the world.

A diversified offer between a wine from Alentejo with Portuguese handmade shaving soaps and Semogue's shaving brush, or a wine from Douro with an elegant shaving kit, representative of the brand Antiga Barbearia do Bairro.

For fathers who are bolder and like to appreciate the pleasures of life you can combine either a gin or a rum, all Portuguese drinks, with a classic handmade tie, this gift will delight all the fathers that are fascinated by the vintage. All products are genuinely Portuguese.


And if you want to leave a strong message to your father, you can select an amazing wood box with wines from Douro, the oldest demarcated wine region of Portugal.

Did You Know...

In Portugal, Father's Day is celebrated on the 19th of March, on the day of Saint Joseph, a catholic saint that is the protective symbol of family, father, and husband. This is also the case in Spain, Italy, Andorra, Belgium, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Bolivia, and Honduras.

In countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Netherlands, South Africa, or Japan it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. In Germany, it is celebrated forty days after Easter. And in some countries in the North of Europe, such as Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweeden it is celebrated on the second Sunday of November.


Even though it is celebrated in different days the purpose remains the same- Celebrate the bond between fathers and sons and pay tribute to pay tribute to the man who embrace the essential role of fatherhood and the importance of raising children and devotion towards the family.





Want to re-sale our GiftBox?

If you are looking for a supplier for your Father's Day Gifts, we offer commercial conditions and competitive prices for your business.


Want to offer our GiftBox to the Fathers who work on your company?

On Father's Day, you can offer the working fathers of your company one of our Gift Boxes as an acknowledgment of the effort and commitment in achieving the objectives. Competitive prices for companies. 

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