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On Mother's Day, we want to help you find an unforgettable gift to offer her on that day.

"Bendita seja a Mãe que te gerou.
Bendito o leite que te fez crescer.
Bendito o berço aonde te embalou
A tua ama, para te adormecer!!"

de Florbela Espanca

The ideal gift for Mother's Day

Our GiftBoxes are the ideal gift for Mother's Day.

Original gifts with selected products, from products which are 100% Portuguese, to surprise the best mother in the world.

Unique and diversified gifts between Handmade Bonbons and Chocolate and Thin Biscuits from Paupério or between Infusões com História and Cosmetic and Handmade Soaps, all products made in Portugal, genuinely made by Portuguese hands.


For the mothers who enjoy appreciating the true pleasures of life, you can opt between a distintic Port Wine or a Wine from Douro, Dão or Alentejo. And for the ones with a bolder taste, they can enjoy the harmony between Sparkling Wine and Chocolate.

You can also opt for a more luxurious and refine gift, from the wine brand 100 Hectares, a GiftBox that includes Jewellery and Wines from Douro, a true tribute to all the mothers that includes a necklace and a Silver 925 medal.


Did You Know...

In Portugal, until recent years, Mother's Day was celebrated on the 8th December, on that same day is celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Conception, that is the day of Our Lady as a mother. Currently, Mother's Day is celebrated in different days around the world, in Portugal it is now celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

History tells us that this day had its origin in the United States of America, after Ann Reese Jarvis released a movement in 1907 to create a "International Mother's Day".

In 1914, the president Woodrow Wilsonafter hearing about Ann's fight established Mother's Day as a national on the second Sunday of May. Besides the USA, other countries such as Brazil, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, and Turkey also celebrate it on that day

Likewise Portugal, Mother's Day is also celebrated on the first Sunday of May in Spain, Angola, Cape Verde, Hungary, Lithuania, and Mozambique. Meanwhile, in Argentina it is celebrated on the third Sunday of October, and in Russia it is celebrated on the last Sunday of November.

Although the day changes around the world, the purpose remains the same - Pay tribute to the ones who bring us into the world and be grateful for the dedication and be grateful for the dedication and love that mothers give to us, but we shouldn't forget to spoil them EVERY DAY!



Want to re-sale our GiftBox?

If you are looking for a supplier for your Mother's Day Gifts we offer commercial conditions and competitive prices for your business.


Want to offer our GiftBox to the Mothers who work on your company?

On Mother's Day, you can offer the working mothers of your of our Gift Boxes as an acknowledge of the effort and commitment in achieving the objective. Competitive prices for companies.

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