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3 bottles box of Brut Sparkling Wine Sussuro, coming from 31.3 hectares of vineyards of Herdade do Monte das Serras in Reguendos de Monsaraz, planted on a schistic, slave, and hard land. Once a dry crop, the region now has a dry clime with low precipitation. The influence of hot winds, at the peak of summer, brings small swirls through the vineyard, reminiscing a warm, almost African, environment.


Winemaking: After careful and supervised maturation, the chosen grapes, are harvested manually to little boxes, lopsided, and macerated by the cold for 6 hours, followed by press, destemming, and fermentation for 20 days in small inox tanks, to exalt all the aromas from the used grapes,

3-months stage in the bottle after filling up.

75cl x 3 Brut Sparkling Wine Sussuro

75 Centiliters
  • REGION: Alentejo, Reguengos Monsaraz

    OENOLOGIST: Winelords (Eng. Daniel Costa)

    WINE GROWING: João Gomes and Eng. João Maria Murteira (Ateva)

    GRAPE VARIETY: Antão Vaz

    ALCOHOL: 12,2% vol.

    TOTAL ACIDITY: 6,1 g/l of tartaric acid

    pH: 3,24


    TASTE NOTE: This wine shows a citrin colour. A subtle aroma with notes of dried fruits and light toast. The small, thin and persistent bubble shows quality. Complex and balanced in the mouth, with a well-integrated sourness to it that provokes unique sensations.


    HARMONIZATION: It perfectly accompanies grilled fish, seafood, and white meats.

  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate.

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