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The Bonbons and Dão's Wine GiftBox is the ideal gift for any commemorative date or special occasion. Chocolate and wine are a delicious but complex duo. One flavour’s sensation and endless tasting pleasure.


This GiftBox includes:

- 1 75cl bottle of Dão's White or Red Wine Florbela

- 100g of Dark Chocolate Bonbons with Setúbal's Oranges Filling


We’ve combined our bonbons with an excellent wine from Dão. The name Florbela was inspired by the poetess, from the XIX century, Florbela Espanca, an avant-garde, feminist, and very emotional poetess. A woman who was far ahead of her time. This wine celebrates such femininity that can and must be celebrated by men or women and shows on its bottle poetry.


The wines Florbela are naturally made, preserving to the maximum the aroma of the indigenous cast and the grape’s natural sourness from Dão. It is wished light and fresh, and to be consumed while young, but being from Dão, it will have good ageing on the bottle. They are modern wines, but they represent well the region’s character.


Quinta da Mariposa, after 10 years of working at the main producers from Dão, the oenologist Lúcia Freitas, along with her husband Filipe Cruz, decide to persecute her life project: take over the management of her grandfather’s farm, Quinta da Mariposa, and produce her favourites wines from that region. The vineyard was planted in 1985 and since then it has been being tended like a garden. It has the traditional white and red casts and is planted in a plot with granitic levelling and a breath-taking view to Serra da Estrela, which is the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal.


Dark Chocolate Bonbons with Setúbal's Oranges Filling, these bonbons are created by delicate hands and used to sweeten everyone’s lives, by receiving in return true happy smiles! Chocolate is considered a product with great value, appreciated by everyone. A sophisticated element of glamour and mystery that has been winning over generations, making a presence on special dates and giving a lot of acts of affection.

Bonbons and Dão's Wine GiftBox

  • The price includes a 13% and a 23% VAT rate

  • In the case of any reference of the set being out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with another, of the same category and price.

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