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The Bonbons and Douro's Wine GiftBox is the ideal gift for any commemorative date or special occasion. Chocolate and wine are a delicious but complex duo. One flavour’s sensation and endless tasting pleasure.


This GiftBox includes:

- 1 bottle of 100 Hectares Red Wine

- 100g of Dark Chocolate Bonbons with Setúbal's Oranges Filling


We’ve combined our bonbons with the excellent red wine from the prestigious brand 100 Hectares, which originates from the total area of vineyards that belong to the brothers André Brás and Filipe Brás. These wines are family wines, produced with the daily hard work, from those who want to obtain excellent work.


Dark Chocolate Bonbons with Setúbal's Oranges Filling, these bonbons are created by delicate hands and used to sweeten everyone’s lives, by receiving in return true happy smiles! Chocolate is considered a product with great value, appreciated by everyone. A sophisticated element of glamour and mystery that has been winning over generations, making a presence on special dates and giving a lot of acts of affection.

Bonbons and Douro's Wine GiftBox

SKU: GB00037
  • The price includes a 13% and a 23% VAT rate

  • In the case of any reference of the set being out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with another, of the same category and price.

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