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Offer the Father's Day Giftbox ADAMUS Biological Gin Espírito Sublime to the father that like this super-premium biological gin has a sublime spirit. This Portuguese gin is the ideal gift for Father's Day; the best present for the modern man that values the gin.


This Father's Day Limited Edition Giftbox includes:

- 70 cl ADAMUS biological gin “Dry Gin”

- 2 cups

- 2 cork coasters


The ADAMUS Gin is a super-premium Portuguese gin.

To create this gin, the most and more special biological botanists in Portugal were tested. It is made from the casts of Bairrada’s berry from where it is obtained a perfect distillate with 44,4% Alc. It is a strong drink, with one strong character, and has the capacity of carrying us to unique moments.


We find in this gin organic botanists with biological products such as Hibiscus, Junipers, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, and other bolder such as Salvia and Lavender. The other un-revealed botanists take part in the mystery that gives ADAMUS Gin such a special and original character.


ADAMUS Gin has a floral and fruit-bearing aroma, with a complex flavour.


The gin’s bottle shows one of the things Portugal is known for: The cork. This material embellishes the natural character of this drink and confers it with a unique and special image.


From its selected set of biological botanists, a gin with a sublime spirit and a pleasant taste is created.

Father's Day GiftBox ADAMUS Biologic Gin and Cups

SKU: PG00011
  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate.

  • Alcohol content: 44,4% ABV

    Capacity: 700ml


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