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Offer the Father's Day Giftbox Rum and Tie to your father or your best friend. A present for the modern man, that enjoys relaxed moments such as the tasting of a Portuguese rum and being impeccably elegant, wearing a modern tie, made by true Portuguese artisans.


The Father's Day Giftbox Rum and Tie includes:

- 1 50cl 39,4% Vol bottle of Rum Refugees by Lubjomir Stanisic.


And one of the following MdC’s ties:

-1 Polka Dot Navy Blue Ties (Ash-grey tie with blue dots);

-1 Polka Dot Red Tie (Ash-grey tie with red dots);

-1 Basic Navy-Blue Tie (Navy-Blue flat-tie)

-1 Sixties Glen Plaid Tie (Grey and Brown plaid tie ).


Rum Refugees by Lubjomir Stanisic

Rum Refugees is the name of the mix signed by Ljubomir Stanisic, the well-known chef, born in Sarajevo but has adopted Portugal as his country and where he became an internationally recognized gastronomic celebrity as well as his famous restaurants in Lisbon. This rum was aged for 2 years in the Licores Serrano’s warehouses in Serra da Estrela, is made from sugarcane- from Síria, in the old Pérsia, crossed the Mediterranean Sea, and arrived at the south of Spain, where it was distilled, and finally was brought to Portugal, its final location.

After staging in French oaks barrels, where whisky, Portuguese Ginja, and Douro’s wine have already been, the Refugees Rum was born.

A story told on its bottle, all numbered and illustrated by Mário Belém, with images that take us to the Middle East.


MdC Ties from…to the world!

Original ties with a design that translates the new classic vision. With sustainable production, all productions are made in limited edition, using raw materials recuperated from local factories, that are transformed into unique and “responsible” items. Combining vision and aesthetics with an environmentally friendly process and always recycling-oriented, in this way MdC (Monstros de Companhia) offers a new life to materials that were doomed to be wasted. Handmade Portuguese ties.

Father's Day Giftbox Rum and Tie

  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate

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