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The Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Luxury Giftbox is an elegant, luxurious, and bold gift to celebrate any special date or occasion. One unique sparkling wine, provided by the classic method of the second fermentation in the bottle, during a 9-month resting stage in the desolate Douro Transmontano, combined with a delicious handmade chocolate bonbon. Two products of excellence, made in Portugal.


This Giftbox includes:

· 1 75cl bottle of Sparkling Wine Brava

· 300g of Maria Chocolate's chocolate truffle


Sparkling Wine Brava stands out because of its fine and intense bobble that emanates floral scent exclusive to the Bravo de Esmolfe apple. It’s a delicious but less obvious and uncommon alliance. One flavour sensation and infinitive tasting pleasure.


Maria Chocolate's chocolate truffles, these bonbons are created by delicate hands and used to sweeten everyone’s lives, by receiving in return true happy smiles! Chocolate is considered a product with great value, appreciated by everyone. A sophisticated element of glamour and mystery that has been winning over generations, making a presence on special dates and giving a lot of acts of affection.

Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Luxury GiftBox

SKU: GB00048
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  • In the case of any reference of the set being out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with another, of the same category and price.

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