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The Christmas Gourmet GiftBox 05 is the perfect gift to give this Christmas, to companies or singular people.


The Christmas Gourmet GiftBox 05 includes:

· 1 75cl bottle of 100 Hectares Red Wine


And one of the following options for Beard Kit:

· The Ribeira’s set that includes 1 Semogue’s shaving brush + 1 125ml shaving cream+ 1 soap

· The Chiado’s set that includes 1 Semogues’ shaving brush+ 1 125ml shaving cream


The Ribeira’s set

The inspiration for this collection was the balconies where the clothes are spread to dry, the gates that open to the villages and restaurants under the arcades, the ochres colours of the fronts, and the iron architecture that projects centenary bridges with the Eiffel’s imaginary. Find all the neighbourhood’s flavours and colours with this set.


The Chiado’s set

Celebrate and remember the cafes and gatherings made between gentlemen, writers, dreamers, and poets. Find inspiration on the colours, glow, and details of the Portuguese’s cobbled street, so distinctive of this neighbourhood. Everything is a part of the history and gives this neighbourhood a unique identity that now inspires this beard set. Chiado: a neighbourhood that is each time more, a meeting point for the contemporaneous man!

Christmas Gourmet GiftBox 05

  • The indicated price includes a 13% and a 23% VAT rate.

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