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The Christmas Gourmet Giftbox 06 is the perfect gift to give this Christmas, to companies or singular people.

The Christmas Gourmet Giftbox 06 includes:
·1 unit of cosmetics/soap factory from the Amor Luso's collection "Cresce com Amor"

· 1 Barro Negro de Molelos bowl

· 1 100g package of Maria Chocolate's bonbons


"Cresce com Amor" collection

This set includes 1 shampoo and a 100 gr solid conditioner, 1 100gr soap, 1 lavender pillow, 1 50ml moisturizing cream, and 1 postcard.

Amor Luso offers experiences in the shape of cosmetic and soap handmade products made of Dão-Lafões’s typical products, such as Galegas olive oil, honey, jarmelist goat’s milk, Dão’s wine, aromatic plants, and other natural treasures.


100 g Maria Chocolate's bonbons are created by delicate hands and used to sweeten everyone’s lives by receiving true happy smiles! Chocolate is considered a product with great value, appreciated by everyone. A sophisticated element of glamour and mystery that has been winning over generations, making a presence on special dates and giving a lot of acts of affection.



Christmas Gourmet Giftbox 06

SKU: GBN0006
  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate.

  • In the case of any reference of the set being out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with another, of the same category and price.

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