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The "Cherry Gin" from Wild Snow Dog is a Portuguese gin distilled in Serra da Estrela, it has wild juniper berries that grow in Serra and Fundão's cherry, which comes from the Serra da Gardunha hillside. In the distillation process that is also included: Lemon rind, Wild Celery root, Coriander seeds, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Tangerine, Arbutus Berry, and Malápio (Apple variety(


This Portuguese Gin has a bronze medal at the 2019 London Spirits Competition and a silver medal at the 2020 Concours International de Lyon.


Taste Notes

Aroma: fruity

Flavour: Subtly sweet with fruit emerging at the beginning

Final: Very subtly citrine, warm, and sweet


How to serve?

Classic: Fundão's Cherry (fresh or conserved in Kirsch) and premium tonic water.

Alternative: Berries or Cherries with a complement- Such as Citrus Fruit, Mint, or Apple- and premium tonic water.

700ml Wild Snow Dog "Cherry Gin"

  • Region: Serra da Estrela

    Producer: Licores Serrano

    Capacity: 700ml

    Alcohol Content: 42º

  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate.

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