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Known as Pata Negra Ham is a 100% Portuguese ham from Barrancos, obtained from the Black Iberian pig's leg.


It is subject to a controlled and natural cure, and later it is aged in a cellar. The Black Iberian Ham is a delicacy appreciated by the most demanding consumers. A regional Portuguese product from Casa do Porco Preto de Barrancos is an excellent snack or as a tapa, it is a mandatory presence on sausage's boards to share with friends or family. An excellent choice to prepare quick and easy sandwiches, being the best the one with buttery cheese.


Cure Time: More than 40 months

Aroma: Intense, cured, and persistent.

Texture: Greasy fat

Aspect: Ruby marbled and shinny

White/Nacared Fat

Flavour: A little salty and slightly acidic


After cleaning all the exterior area (from the top and the sides( start to cut tinny and thin slices. After finishing, cover the part you've just cut with the fat that was removed in the previous cleaning, so it does dry and the organoleptic characteristics are maintained.


Porco Preto Belota Ham, Salt, and Preservatives: Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite (E-252 and E250)


This product does not contain GMOs or Allergens.



6-8kg Porco Preto Belota Ham (with a 40 months cure)

  • Serving size per 100 g:


    Energy: 1529 kJ / 310 kcal 459 kJ

    Lipids: 24 g

    Of which saturates: 8,5 g


    Carbohydrates: 2,7 g

    Of which sugars: <0,5 g

    Fibre: 1,0 g

    Protein: 31 g

    Salt: 4,23 g


    Before consuming a food product, we recommend reading the ingredients, the use recommendations, conservation, and others given by the product's supplier. We do not take responsibility for possible divergences between the information on our website and the information on the product.

  • The price includes a 23% VAT rate.

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