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The Dão's White Wine Sombrio is a wine made without sunlight contact. Most of the white wines are harvested avoiding oxygen contact, to prevent oxidation, but this can also happen with sunlight exposition. Since the grape harvest, followed by the winemaking, the racking, and the bottling, all the procedures are made at night, with the minimum light possible. The bottle is also quite opaque, so the wine is only exposed to direct light when we serve it in the glass…unless we do so in the dark.


Winemaking: The grapes are harvested at night, to 20kg little boxes, arriving at the wine cellar with a temperature of almost 12ºC. The casts were vinified together, being pressed, and the must was immediately taken, not allowing too much contact with the grape skin. The must was decanted in inox tanks at low temperature and later on was transferred to barrels, where it concluded its fermentation. The wine was there for 18 months, having occurred the batonnage, to promote the wine’s contact with the thin dregs.

Wood box with 3 bottles.

Dão's White Wine Sombrio

SKU: PG00025
  • Type: White Wine

    Region: Dão

    Denomination: DOP


    Soil: Mainly granitic, thin, with rocky levelling.


    Altitude: 400 meters


    Clime: Temperate with a Mediterranean and Atlantic influence


    Grape varieties: Bical, Cerceal and Encruzado


    Stocks’ age: 63 years


    Alcohol content: 13.7%

    Total acidity: 5.98 g/L

    Total sugars: 0.9 g/L

    pH: 3.40

    Stage: 18 months on used barrels of 500L French oak.


    Taste notes: The result is straw-coloured wine, with a delicate aroma with critic tangerine and lemon notes, and lightly smoked notes. In the mouth is dense and creamy, very mineral, and with a long end that promises good aging on the bottle.

  • The price includes a 13% VAT rate.

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