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The Dão's Red Wine Retro aspires to be the wine exactly as the name suggests… an old-school Dão! In the past, the Dão’s wines were in a lot in the vineyard and pressed with the feet, still with the rake on, and its fermentation was a lot slower and made with indigenous yeasts. The oenologist’s intervention (which at that time didn’t exist) was minimum. This way we achieved a very typical wine. Without any doubt a Dão!


Winemaking: The casts are harvested together to 20kg small box. Since the grapes were fully collocated, it was made an initial press to break the bags, so that the ‘juice’, with high sugar concentration, can contact the existing yeasts on the bags’ skin, so that a more natural fermentation was originated. The fermentation was a lot slower, and when it finishes, the pressing was made with the tear’s must racking to used French oaks’ barrels, where it stayed for 12 months.

Dão's Red Wine Retro

SKU: PG00024
  • Type: Red Wine

    Region: Dão

    Denomination: DOP


    Viticulture: Integrated protection mode


    Soil: Mainly granitic, thin, with rocky levelling.


    Altitude: 400 meters


    Clime: Temperate with a Mediterranean and Atlantic influence


    Grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cão and Jaen


    Stocks’ age: 39 years


    Alcohol content: 13.8%

    Total acidity: 5.7 g/L

    Total sugars: 1.1 g/L

    pH: 3.61


    Stage: 12 months on used barrels of 225 and 500L French oak. After the bottling, it had a 12-month stage.


    Taste notes: This wine has an open and shining ruby colour. A well-tuned aroma with plum, blackberry, blueberry, humid ground, and minerality notes. In the mouth is elegant, with the perfect sourness and smooth tannings, with a classical style, with great freshness at the end.

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